Wonderwoman unloads treasure-trove on unsuspecting mosaic-makers.



Art pot-becomes shards-become art

Animal Trades Vegetable for Mineral

In a twist on the old ’20 Questions’ guessing-game question, Nancy, one of our own mosaic-makers, tells how she wound up with a contribution to the UPC mosaic: Well, last weekend I headed… Continue reading

Major Mosaics

Giving honor to a friend’s contribution

The Unexpected Gift of Critique

Help for the compositionally-challenged.

Room for Five Thousand

A tour of mosaic-world

Just Shoes

Yesterday afternoon, the first three bold and curious ones came from Terry Cole’s SYM to visit and work in the mosaic studio. As with everyone who visits the studio for the first time,… Continue reading

Broken Gifts

Finding gifts that lie all around us is an art.

The Week in Which the Work Went on Without ‘Mama’

“There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”- Leonard Cohen

More Tools of the Trade

The right tools for the job