Church Art with a Message

Here is a link to a slide-show featuring a provocative church sculpture installation in New York.


Coming to Life

A bird’s eye view of the crowd around Jesus is slowly taking shape.

Variety Show

The Spice of Life

Thursday Night Rush

Mosaic work goes on, slowly, while new floors are being installed.


The dog (and some people, too) have come to life.

Glue, Rip, Glue, Rip, Glue

Two steps forward, one step back is still progress, right?

Sub Becomes Prime

The work goes on with alternate leadership

Looking Into It

A different point-of-view for this mosaic panel

Moving Forward on a Windy Day

Taking the mosaic work to the ministry fair outdoors.

The Power of Art-making

Never too old, never too young to explore your imaginative side.