Up and At ‘Em

Panel Four completed and hung, Panel Five starting to be amazing


March Marathon

Two days of nipping and gluing.

Fast Learners

College group night in the mosaic room.

February Marathon

What happened in the mosaic room over the weekend.

It’s Getting Crowded!

What happens when about 30 people get together with a bunch of mosaic supplies and a weekend.

Links in the Chain

Spending the day making new friends and renewing long-standing friendships over the mosaic table

Pile of Junk

Mosaic marathon #2 yields and completed panel, plus another nearly so.

Grout Girls

Some people like to grout.

Next Push

A warm-up for the October mosaic marathon at UPC.

UPC Mosaic Marathon #1 Revividus

Powering through three days of a group mosaic project.