Lost in the mists of time (2006, maybe?) is the birth of the idea of adding a mosaic to a wall in the Great Hall of the to-be-renovated building of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.  The original building was completed in 1926. And an addition was added in 1954.  But, since that time, no expansion of the square-footage had taken place.  And, none would happen now.

2Dec1925002 copyMules- gotta love ’em.  (Old church building on 22nd and San Antonio was never really finished.)  1925University Presbyterian Church Austin, Texas construction picture from 1926

Construction during 1925-1926.  Notice the University of Texas in the background. 20Mar1926006 copy

Laying of the cornerstone. 41Completion1926003 copy

Building finished!  1926 1954 Sanctuary 300 DPI copy

Newest sanctuary completed on south wing of the building in 1954.

The plan is to improve the building without increasing its size.  And, this has been done in two stages, with more to come.  Every detail has been planned to complement the 1926 building while adding modern amenities, accounting for the way the building is used now.

The Great Hall, on the lowest level of the building, is the site of congregational meals, receptions, parties, and most of all, it is the waiting room for hundreds of people who come twice a week to the free food pantry hosted by area churches.

A heavily-used room calls out for art that is meaningful to the large community of people who use it.  And, in this case, members of that community are invited to make the art.

This blog is to be a record of the process of making the mosaic called The Feeding of the Five Thousand.