For two days this past weekend, we worked on Panel 6, the one in which there are conversational groups of people eating their tuna sandwiches (the loaves and fishes part of the story).

couple of the intrepid volunteers admitted to being daunted by the task at hand, involving strange lighting conditions and dimensional human figures. One even used the phrase “scares me”. Meanwhile, I was thinking, ‘Great! I am scared, too! We are just where we need to be.’ I believe that our most creative thinking comes to us in a jam, when we’re not sure how to proceed, but we know where we want to go and we’re NOT giving up on getting there. So, here’s to a healthy dose of fear, along with some curiosity and patience.



Selecting tesserae that match the mood

Transferring the design onto the backer board

Pondering the pattern

Drawing the top figures and selecting tesserae for a shirt

Looking for green

Transferring the design onto the backer board by punching holes through the outlines

Tracing some figures

Detail with dental tools

Aligning sections

Aligning sections of the traced design before punching holes on the outlines