It’s Getting Crowded!

The crowd is growing!

The crowd is growing!

At the end of the January Mosaic Marathon weekend, we had quite a crowd.  On Panel 4, that is.

In the foreground, we see Jesus telling his disciples to feed the crowd. Now don’t tell me that’s not a fine-looking crowd forming up! Very slow going to make a convincing crowd, but worth it, don’t you think? I give seeing/drawing/perspective lessons along the way as people come in to work on the panels, so participants get challenged, if they want.

We saw 20 church members, 2 Austin Mosaic Guild members, and quite a few Saturday morning Micah 6 participants.

The beauty of this project isn’t only in the final ‘product’, but in the assembling of people to share of themselves with each other and create together something larger than themselves.

Work done before the weekend:

1) Sketch and enlarge the drawing for Panel 5.

2) Organize the mosaic room which was still a wreck after the October marathon.

3) Prepare two rolling bun racks with trays of supplies, tools, and organized colors of tesserae, one to take to Micah 6 on Saturday morning, one to add to the Great Hall for the rest of the weekend.

4) Prepare two boards with designs, clear plastic, and fiberglass mesh layers to take out to Micah 6 to create some “grass” for later application to Panel 5.

5) Buy snacks to fortify the troops.

6) Plan the layout of the marathon and the flow of work activities to suit various numbers of people who might show up.

7) Vacuum and mop the horrible mosaic room floor.

Work done during the marathon:

1) Set up table and rolling cart at Micah 6.

2) Supervise and train participants as they work.

3) Schmooze with the crowd.

4) Cut up more tiles, plates, cups, stained glass, etc.

5) Shake the pieces in detergent water, rinse, and dry.

6) Move equipment, frames and panels, and supplies to the Great Hall.

7) Set up more tables.

8) Keep bags of mortar mixed and ready to use.

9) Set out snacks.

10) Teach, train, and supervise.

11) Draw, refine, draw.

12) Epoxy the back-board into its frame.

13) Glue pieces (tesserae) onto panels.

14) Take pictures.

15) Talk to visitors and newbies about the project.

16) Clean up mortar overflow and little pieces of junk from panels before transporting them back to the mosaic room.

17) Throw away trash after determining exactly what IS trash.

18) Re-load the bun racks.

19) Transport everything back to the mosaic room.

20) Clean and take down tables, vacuum and mop the floors in the Great Hall and the hallways.

21) Gather all garbage and take it to the dumpster.

22) Turn off the lights and lock up all areas.

23) Dream up what goes into the blog the next day.

Welp, that’s pretty much it. Enjoy the slide show! –Lynn

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