Moving Forward on a Windy Day

This third panel of “The Feeding of the 5000” is going places.  Today there was a “mission and service” fair in the church courtyard after morning worship and the mosaic was there.  Newsflash:  mosaics are too heavy to blow away!

The congregation had a chance to travel to different exhibits to see what opportunities are available and, of course, some people could not pass up the chance to get their hands dirty gluing on little tiles with cement mortar at the mosaic ministry table.  While people of all ages felt this urge, today, the youngsters had the longest attention span for the activity.

children and man work on a mosaic outdoors at University Presbyterian Church

The outlines of Jesus, the dog, the feet, and a man were completed in the courtyard today.

We hung the paper version of panel three on a porch column as a guide to the work at the table below.  We also propped the completed-but-unframed panel two against a nearby tree.

mosaic panel from The Feeding of the 5000 resting against a tree in the courtyard of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Gusty winds could not knock over panel two resting against a tree trunk in the courtyard!

What you see in panel two is Jesus wading to the shore (with his orange shoes in the canoe) and suddenly realizing he would not be alone after all.