Takin’ it On the Road

Lynn Bridge conversing with participants in Texas Conference of Churches' Faith and Arts Celebrtation 2014

John Leedy’s photo of the mosaic booth at Texas Conference of Churches’ Faith and Arts Celebration 2014

Yep, that’s me, Lynn Bridge, waving my hands about and moving my lips, talking with two women who are interested in starting a mosaic project with a new church development.

I have no idea what their church background is; Texas Conference of Churches is made up of every denomination imaginable; but they were asking for mentors from our congregation who could help their new congregation get started on a mosaic project.

Their congregation members would be based in Austin’s homeless community.  Of course, mosaic is an ideal medium for a crowd of people who want to make something creative without spending much money.  As long as there is a location for the mosaic to reside, anything is possible.

Who’s in for helping them get started?  Of course, we first have to see if they contact us.

Mosaic the universe!!!