The Organism

UPC’s newest mosaic is growing every week, like a garden, or a baby, or some other living thing.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

This first set is from Tuesday morning UPLift last week:

DSC01839 DSC01838

DSC01843 DSC01842 DSC01841

This next set is from Sunday.  We are now having an open studio ‘most every Sunday after morning worship, until 2 p.m.  Drop by and glue a few!

Here is an example of Sunday mosaic room couture.  Notice the apron and the enclosed, tie-up shoes- good for keeping errant glass and ceramic shards off the foot.


Even those who did not come prepared to do mosaics found a place at the table- we just kept them away from cutting and shards.

DSC01861 DSC01862 DSC01863 DSC01864 DSC01865

Finally, the photos from Tuesday of this week show huge progress, both on the first panel and on segments of the second panel:

Austin-20130924-00763 Austin-20130924-00765 Austin-20130924-00767 Austin-20130924-00768