Picking Up Speed

IMG_2871don’t know where the rumor got started that we have enough/too many people working on the mosaic mural, “The Feeding of the 5000”, but it isn’t true!  Many times there are only three or four people per week working on this thing, down in the basement studio alone, or in a group of two, maybe three.

Especially on weeks when we take parts of the mural out to groups to work on, we need all hands on deck to help supervise, instruct, and keep the materials flowing.  This past Saturday, we had five or six volunteers working with Micah 6 food pantry participants, and this was definitely not too many!

Enjoy these pictures of the progress being made on the first and second panels this week!IMG_2873 IMG_2874 IMG_2898 IMG_2901 DSC01814 DSC01815 DSC01816 DSC01817 DSC01818 DSC01819 DSC01820 DSC01821 DSC01822 DSC01823

This weekend our Extended Family is meeting to work on the mural together, which will be good for a lot of laughs, I’m sure.