A Firm Foundation

Five of the six Wedi board panels are in!!!   What is Wedi, you might ask?  Well, it is the lightweight, strong foam-core cement board that the mosaic mesh sections will be glued to.  It is the firm foundation of all our efforts.  After the gluing and, possibly, grouting, the panels will be framed to hang.

5 Wedi panels against wall 72dpiThe panels are each 7 feet high, and graduated in width by six-inch increments, from 1 1/2 feet to 4 feet, when we find the last panel.

Bob taking Wedi panel out of car 72dpiHere’s how unloading happens:  park next to Danny’s truck on the 22nd Street side of the building.  Unlock basement door and carry stuff down the steps and into the hallway.  Bob is handy on Sunday morning!

looking past car to mural 72dpiFrom the vantage point of the basement door, I enjoy looking across the street to the University Baptist Church building and its murals.

least attractive view 72dpiWhile we’re on the subject of views, the view from the mosaic studio windows which face the central courtyard hasn’t gotten any better.  This is what the window well looks like after Danny has cleaned it out.  Frequently, it is the target of trash and unmentionable organics that would have been almost unimaginable to the builders in the early 1950’s.

glass shapes in jars 72 dpiAs a contrast, here is some lovely glass stored in jars, just waiting to be used in the right spots in the mosaic.

ready-to-go shelves 72dpiThis is the set of shelves holding the currently-being-used tesserae.  This tess is cut to the right size and the selected hues for the part of the mosaic being glued at this time.  They are ready to use in the room, or to carry down the hall to UPLift or Micah 6.

labelled tesserae 72 dpiSome of the tess on these shelves is cut small enough for our purposes, but some is still in need of more cutting.  They are labeled and stored by color and by lightness-and-darkness.

Across mosaic to tess shelves 72dpiHere’s a view across the table holding the glued mesh and some cutting tools, to another set of shelves holding the neutral colors of tess and the reds.

aerial view of smacking table 72dpi

Here’s an aerial view of the smacking table, where hammer-meets-stone-meets hardie in a loud CRACK, sometimes accompanied by sparks.

metallic red glaze on cup 72dpiSo, who gets to smack this metallic-red glazed cup?  Don’t you just want to break it into about 30 pieces?!?!?!?

This week we’re working on Wednesday morning, Friday morning, and Saturday morning.  If you’d like to participate, leave a comment on this post.