The Big Ellipsis (…)

A question of the mosaic design has come up repeatedly, “I don’t understand the last panel- what is it?”  Good question!  concept color drawing of The Feeding of the 5000 internet copy

You see, this was a concept drawing made on a last-minute deadline for presentation at a congregational meeting.  The first three panels (which represent a time-period from early morning ’til noon) were all sketched by me at a reasonable hour of the day.  The last three sketches, made in the dead of night, are really a big ellipsis, a place-holder of meaning until I get the actual drawings done.

The last three panels represent, respectively, late in the day, late in the day, and total dusk.  The final designs really will represent Jesus still standing there talking to the crowds, the little boy with his tuna cans and bag of bread, and an evening picnic scene illuminated by cell phone light.  But, the compositions won’t look like they do in this concept sketch, nor will the color be a complete break from the color in the first three panels.

So, don’t worry if the last three panels don’t make visual sense now- it’s not YOU, it really IS the drawings that are a problem.