How to build a design board to hold the mosaic tesserae until they are mounted on their support?  We’ll show you.

First, you draw and color your design.

IMG_2840We use colored pencil sticks, blended, to color our designs.

Then, you cut out parts of the design that ‘hang together’ in some way.

IMG_2837From the top of the first panel, here are the shirt hem and the shorts.

Cut some sturdy corrugated cardboard or a thin, sturdy piece of wood for your design-holder.  Tape the design paper onto the cardboard.  Next, cover the paper with a film of clear plastic.  IMG_2835

Here we are using a section of clear plastic painter’s drop cloth taped over a design.


Next, you cut a piece of fiberglass mesh the right size to fit over your design.  Handle the mesh with gloves over your hands, if you don’t want to itch for the next three days.


IMG_2836Mesh being rolled onto the plastic design-protector.

Batten down the edges of the mesh with tape.

When it’s time to glue tesserae onto the mesh, mix some polymer-laced thinset cement for the adhesive.  Put it into a baggie and cut off a corner for a squeeze spout.


Start sticking those tess onto the mesh.  Be sure to use plenty of adhesive so that the tiles don’t pop off when you cut loose the mesh puzzle-pieces another day down the road.