Marking Time

People ask when the mural will be finished.  That question is akin to the question, “When will my child outgrow his car seat?”  The answer to both questions depends on many factors, some of which are completely unknown.  In the case of the mural, it depends almost entirely on answering the questions, “How many volunteers will we have?  And how much time will they put in? And, how fast do they work?”

My best guess is that the mural will be completed by next June 11.  And the child?  I predict that the child will be 40 pounds when he is 49 months and 17 days old.

Here’s where we are now:



The line across the drawing on the left represents the extent of the mosaic glued to its mesh on the right.  I have estimated that the ratio of time spent preparing material to be glued on to time spent actually gluing on has been running 15- or 20-to-1.