To say that we doubled our supply of mosaic tesserae materials in one day sounds ridiculously impossible, especially since we had a closet full of donations which spilled out into the floor space of our mosaic studio.  But, it’s true.

One local mosaic artist, Celia Berry, contacted the Austin Mosaic Guild members to say that she was giving away her leftover tile.  Left over from years of publicly and privately commissioned projects, that is.  Giving away.  Gratis.  Free.

Celia BerryThis generous woman had lockers of the stuff, saying that she is no longer working in tile, but exclusively in glass.

Colors, oh did she have colors!  Stacks of glazed orange, purple, turquoise, green, yellow.  Stacks of hand-glazed and painted tile.  Unbelievable finds.

We hauled the first loads away in a minivan which was crawling on its knees and in a car trunk which sank toward the pavement.  Returned next day in the minvan for a repeat performance.

The next post will be about the aftermath of such generosity.