Puzzle Pieces

The day after Independence Day, Mom (Roberta) and I (Lynn) unloaded one more minivan load of tile into the courtyard and cleansed it of nature.  Mom had already raided her local grocery store supply of small empty boxes to use for transferring tile out of large boxes.

Kathy donated two sets of shallow shelves from the domain of Sunday School supplies, where they were barely useful, and Danny carried them down to the mosaic room by elevator.

By mid-afternoon, we had them fully-loaded with prepared tesserae, making room on closet shelves for unprocessed tesserae for the mosaic.  At this point, finding a home for the rest of the boxes of tile feels a little bit like sliding puzzle-pieces around on the floor in an ever-changing shape of pathways and dead-ends.

a few closet shelvesThis closet view will look completely familiar to anyone who has entered the room in the past few weeks…

more closet shelves…and this is where you start to lose your bearings.  New stuff!

tile under tableRaw materials.

floor viewLizard’s eye-view across the floor.

new shelvesNew shelves!

more new shelvesMore new shelves

east wall stashSurely, someone, somewhere has shallow shelving to contribute to the organization of this east wall.