Bugs n Spiders n Lizards, Oh, My!

The lovely windfall of tile from Celia Berry came au naturel, so to speak.  Each box came with its own complement of critters, most of which escaped into her yard when they were disturbed.  But, some lingered and hid, and needed to be removed before any of the material could be hauled into the church building.

A number of us had signed up to do mosaic work the next day, and the work turned out to be 1) unloading the minivan and car into the west courtyard, (2) where the tiles could be relieved of their critter load and dirt, and (3) some put into new boxes 4) scrounged from the alley.  Three-and-a-half hours later, seven of us, with encouragement and help from the church staff and passers-by, had cleaned out every box and deposited the tile into the mosaic studio downstairs.

Cate sorting tileCate explores the contents of a box.

Roberta sorting tileRoberta concentrates on removing tile to discover Things.

Nancy sorting tileNancy unpacks tile and nature alike.

DelaRosas on a missionMiranda, Adriana, and Nathan start off…

to find boxes in the alley… toward the alley, where they find fresh boxes.