The Week in Which the Work Went on Without ‘Mama’

The 4-day Christians in the Visual Arts biennial conference was an event/reunion/communion which fed the hearts and minds of its participants.  I am sure that all 350 of us left Wheaton, Illinois with a renewed passion for serving Christ in our neighborhoods, large and small, and acknowledging the dignity bestowed by God on all humans.

In the slow building of “The Feeding of the Five Thousand”, we are living a metaphor.  Broken things cannot make themselves new again- they lie fallow and unused until they sprout new life through an agent who transforms brokenness into beauty.  We cannot renew the brokenness in ourselves, by ourselves, without a mysterious, sacrificial re-birthing from God.

Many thanks to Tom, Cate, and Bob, who led the way last week through the processing of the china and tile shards into usable bits of beauty.  There is nothing like ‘Mama’ leaving town to accelerate the confidence-gaining process of the fledgling mosaic supervisors.

This Tuesday, we welcome participants in Terry Cole’s Street Youth Ministry to their first day of work in the mosaic studio.

During Sunday morning worship with the remnant band of CIVA conference-goers, we sang Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”, the refrain of which I quote here:

Ring the bells which still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.

How very appropriate for our little project in the basement!