(You’re Gonna Love Your New Nipper Buddies!)

Hey, mosaic fans!  Those of you who have struggled with gripping and nipping in the mosaic studio are going to love your new tools.

This morning, Bob Bridge built four “nipper buddies”, like this one he made for me the other night at home:

nipper buddy The Nipper Buddy

This means that we have a greater mechanical advantage- our handles are 20 inches long now!!!  Cutting ceramics is now like cutting butter.  And you don’t have to squeeze- only push down with your free hand.

Building nipper buddies Bob building four nipper buddies

By the way, another added attraction of working on the mosaic is that exhilarating feel of breaking Royal Doulton!  Nipping it “in the bud”, so to speak.

Nipping Royal Doulton in the bud Broken to bits and tumbled about- Royal Doulton will rise again to feed the five thousand!