Got Wall- Need Story

'blank canvas' wall in Great Hall, University Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX

So– nice room, three French doors opening onto scenic courtyard, upgraded HVAC and kitchen- who is feeling inspired by this view, though?

Well, we are.  ‘We’ are the ad hoc mosaic team of University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

You see that stretch of wall not hidden by the support pillars?  It is 19 feet wide.  19 feet!!! Do you know what is possible in 19 feet?  A mosaic!  A mosaic story. And, the distance between the generous toe-molding and the picture molding above is 7 feet!

I can do arithmetic; I can figure out that 19 x 7= 133.  Whoa!!! 133 square feet that could be covered in mosaic?  Let’s DO it!!!